Friday, August 31, 2007

Anime Convention @ your library

At the Springfield City Library, I’ve run a very successful two-day event here called “Springfield Library Chibiconn” for the last 4 years. Basically, we re-create a small anime convention in our community room. Its always a Saturday and Sunday in September. (By keeping it around the same time, folks come to look for it in the future.)

On Saturday we have an anime “Film Festival”. Most years this is actually showing the first two episodes of a variety of shows. We usually start with all age’s shows in the morning and move all the way up to 15+ or older in the late afternoon/evening.

We get permission by going to the companies and requesting them. Most anime companies in America will give the A-Ok for free. The ones I have had the best luck with are:


You can see what Anime they own on their websites and the sites have contact info for obtaining permission.

The second day is a day of Anime Events. We do art contests, costume contests, trivia games; invite special guests to give presentations (This year we have a Mass based manga creator coming, in the past its been local convention heads, and some fans that presented workshops on aspects of anime and anime culture)

We get a lot of our prizes at a local Anime Shop, but they can be found online, at Book Stores with large manga selections, or comic shops. I personally attend a lot of anime conventions, and get signed swag for prizes from voice actors.

We run it as an all ages event, but the majority of people that come are teens.

This is one of our more popular events bringing in over 125 people for the whole weekend. We take pre-reg starting about a month before hand, and will allow folks in at the door asuming we have room.

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  1. Excellent idea for anime convention. Appreciate the links for permission.